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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Moral Equivalency

There is nothing equivalent between what the "insurgents" do in Iraq and even the worst of aberrations that have happened among the US troops over there. The ability to see them as the same, or the US as worse, is evidence that something is very wrong inside some people's heads. Something *else* than evidence is being used to make judgements.

I blame, quite frankly, multiculturalism. The applied belief that all men are NOT created equal and that one must not EVER judge men to an EQUAL standard. In fact, one must not judge those backward, primative, little brown people AT ALL.

Yes, that was sarcasm (for any idiot who couldn't tell) but it's also representative of the truth and the fatal error involved in the mindset. A desire to respect other cultures has become the worst sort of dismissive racism possible. And from there it has become an excuse to excuse the most horrific human rights violations and horrific slaughter of innocent people... because people have refused themselves permission to judge other people on their actions. It's only their culture, always their culture, and the only culture that can be criticized is your own.

This is a moral sickness.

What makes us human is our ability to wrestle with ultimate right and wrong, that it's WRONG to purposefully kill or hurt children, ALWAYS, no matter who does it. It's wrong to OWN people, ALWAYS, no matter who does it. It's wrong to try to control or to punish people for matters of conscience such as their religion or their lack of religion, or chosing a mate. ALWAYS. Matters of human dignity and freedom are universal. They don't apply just to "us" and not to "them."

This used to be the strength of Liberalism in the world, human justice, human equality, and the demand for human rights for all people, an assumption of a common human experience.

With Multiculturalism that's changed... nothing is in common and the quest for human rights must always and ONLY focus inward, since it can not presume to speak for any other human who might be *different*.

Conservatism, like conservatism does, has moved slowly and is these days conserving a human justice centered and interventionist policy that Liberalism has abandoned.


  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger Gavin Sullivan said…

    Hi Synova

    I'd hoped to follow up w/ you on our chat today on Althouse's McCain/Vietnam thread, but don't see any email listed for you...

    If you remain interested, please email me...


  • At 11:56 AM, Blogger TosaGuy said…

    Interesting post, glad I found your blog.

    Former Minnesotan greetings!

  • At 5:33 PM, Blogger Big Mike said…

    So this is where you blog when you're Synova, but not really Synova.

    Not that I'm stalking or anything.

    But I'm sorry to see you're not happy with multiculturalism because it turns out that on my mother's side I'm descended from a culture that features long-running blood feuds that actually have rules (long-running meaning until the last person from either clan has been extinguished). And I have always thought that I should wait until I'm discovered to have a terminal illness and then declare a blood feud. After all, if all cultures are equal then mine is no worse than any other culture, right?

    You don't think so, huh? Dang.

  • At 9:53 PM, Blogger JAL said…

    Hey Synova -- Posting here because it is out of the way ;-) Just put two and two together and realized you are in oraround Albuquerque.

    My youngest daughter is married to a PJ-in-training. (do they ever stop?) and is living on base at Kirtland.

    I am headed that way in late July by way of Washington state. Want to do coffee?

    Appreciate your posts.

    Janice (JAL) jlalyons@yahoo dot


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