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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Votes for Women

We see more news all the time that progress is being made all over the middle east. This note is from Powerline. Women can now vote in Kuwait. There should be celebration among feminists.

Tim Blair quotes an Austrailian paper... oops... you've got to read this... from Pamela Bone.
Guy Rundle cannot forgive me for pointing out three years ago what many others are now pointing out: that the idea of international humanitarian intervention rightly belongs to the Left. Yes, that stance took some courage. However, I may be old, weak and sick, but I have one thing Mr Rundle will never have: guts.
I was intending to link this post... when I saw the post about Ms. Bone, which fits so well and I didn't even know was there.
The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Michael Gawenda:

There are signs that an increasing number of people on the left in the US, Europe and Australia are uncomfortable with knee-jerk anti-Americanism, with the left’s virtual silence in response to the unspeakable violence of Islamic totalitarianism, with the way Western feminists have basically turned their back on their oppressed sisters in much of the Muslim world. Many people would say about time.
I'm quoting the whole bit that is relevant because his link to Michael Gawenda didn't work when I tried it.

I have some liberal attitudes but I'll state right out that I tend strongly libertarian and am actually registered Libertarian at the present time. In some ways I'm strongly conservative. My purpose here is not to promote liberal ideology so much as to point out that what is good about liberal ideologies is getting lost in a knee-jerk need to oppose anything the other side stands for and, quite frankly, conservatives stand for several traditionally liberal things these days.

Conservatism is a moving target. Slow change equals change and what is being "conserved" is often enough the product of classical liberalism's influence in the past.

I want to include more from Pamela Bone via Tim Blair, because it's just that good.
As for the term ‘imperial feminist’; I am certainly a feminist, and I am happy to be deemed “imperial’ if that is taken to mean that I wish to impose on other cultures the basic human rights that are taken for granted in this culture (for I doubt he means the word in its other sense, ‘majestic’). Indeed, if I could, I would forcefully replace those cultural traditions that allow the stoning and beheading of women, or the throwing of acid in their faces, with one that grants women individual rights under the law. Happily, I don’t need to, for brave Muslim women are themselves beginning to force those changes.
Oh, I don't think we should go off and force the world to shape up when ever and where ever we see problems, but when events are such as they are the phrase "make hay while the sun shines" seems appropriate.


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